Majestic IQ-9000
Majestic IQ-8000

Quingo Toura 2

Quingo Flyte

Maximum Speed Maximum Speed

11 MPH*

5 MPH*

Maximum Distance Maximum Distance

43 Miles*

23 or 33 Miles*

Turning Radius Turning Radius

52 Inches

40 Inches

Carrying Capacity Carrying Capacity

485 lbs

350 lbs

Dimensions (L x W x H) Dimensions (L x W x H)



Step Height Max Step Height Max

4 Inches

3 Inches


Ideal Use Ideal Use

Local trips in your city

Ideal for day trips and fun

Demountable / Foldable Demountable / Foldable



Warranty Warranty

3 Years (6 months on batteries)

3 Years (6 months on batteries)

 Please note numbers are rounded. 


Quingo Toura 2: Unlocking Your Local Adventures

Meet the Quingo Toura 2—a scooter that's all about embracing life's little and big moments. Picture yourself cruising down the streets to catch your grandchild's ball game or strolling to your favorite park for a relaxing day out. Its spacious and comfortable design, along with advanced features, ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey wherever you go. The Quingo Toura 2 isn't just a scooter; it's your ticket to nearby wonders and experiences that make life extraordinary.

Quingo Flyte: Effortless Adventures, Anywhere

Introducing the Quingo Flyte—an incredible sidekick for your grand explorations. Whether it's a family trip to an amusement park or a scenic drive to a faraway place, the Quingo Flyte redefines how you move. The best part? It easily tags along in your car, ensuring you're ready to embark on any journey, no matter the distance. Get ready to experience the world with a sense of freedom like never before.